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HipnikDragomir's News

Posted by HipnikDragomir - January 5th, 2021

Newgrounds, my one true love, my home away from home, I come bearing gifts.

Last year I was slowly toiling away on a trailer for a webseries with a homie known as The Knight of Green. I was brought in as the animator/artist along with writing assistance. I'd really appreciate it if you could give it a watch and maybe even support its Kickstarter.

We are Little Demons - a small group of ragtag martial artists, animators, musicians, and graphic designers here to present our Demon's Slice campaign. The Demon’s Slice Project was made to celebrate the video game Demon’s Souls, the first of the ”Souls” genre and its remake.

This fundraiser is for the Pilot Episode of what we hope to expand to be a seven episode comedy series (do note, since the trailer was worked on by a different animator, it does not completely represent the animation quality and style of the final product). It will follow the general experiences that players commonly have when playing the game. The animation project will also incorporate heavy and accurate references to actual Historical European and Japanese Martial Arts techniques to pay homage to the real world inspirations that went into making the original game.

If that sounds good to you and you enjoyed the trailer, please consider supporting our Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/knightofgreen/demons-slice-a-demons-souls-animation-project

Posted by HipnikDragomir - February 21st, 2019

Since I'm not actively making things thanks to school and whatnot to post here, you can follow me on Instagram at @michaelnicolaou22 to see a variety of other types of art and WIPs of things. And some wacky IG Stories eeeehhhhhhhh heh heh heh heh heeeeehhhhh.....

Here's a preview:




Posted by HipnikDragomir - June 13th, 2018

Hey, you all. I finally finished another cartoon. Have a looky look:

Also, I'd appreciate anyone interested in supporting me on Patreon. I need to stop working lame jobs and make monet through art.


On Newgrounds:



On Youtube:


My Patreon :3 https://patreon.com/hipnikdragomir




A round of support for my friends.


TMJBtv's latest cartoon:



And Aboleth's new album with a music video for a song:



And their Bandcamp: https://abolethband.bandcamp.com/merch


Posted by HipnikDragomir - May 26th, 2018

Well, I'm ashamed for not updating in half a year, but let's gloss over that real quick...


Yesterday, the band Aboleth put out their first album named Benthos. It's a fun sludge metal roller coaster that must be heard to be belieeeeved. Also, the singer is also an artist who really should have an account here, and you can find her on Facebook and Instagram as Brigitte Roka. The band Aboleth too.


Her Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brigitteroka/

Buy their stuff here: https://abolethband.bandcamp.com/merch



Posted by HipnikDragomir - December 4th, 2017

Hey, here's what inspired me artistically this week:


1. Yuyu Hakusho - A cartoon that came out in the early/mid-90s. In a similar vein to Dragon Ball Z, it’s full of action and comedy and overall charm. I’ve been rematching it with my roommate little by little, and thankfully she’s really into it, too. Great team chemistry between the main cast, snarky dialogue, and fighting choreography to make for a wholly entertaining show.



2. My animation class/instructor - Since I taught myself, for the most part, how to animate, I really don’t feel like I need instruction since I haven’t actually learned anything in the three traditional animation classes I’ve taken. However, my instructor Brian Kennon has an eagle eye for it and always points things out that I could improve. The case here being better pose-to-pose sequencing to get a better read of what’s going on. I’m more akin to subtle/realistic visuals, but it’s still a fun challenge.



3. Devs Play - A little segment on Youtube from video game developer Tim Curry, where he basically interviews other developers while they play games they’ve made in the past. I really enjoy these interviews where the people behind older games discuss what they went through to make them. Especially companies whose games I grew up with and have been following my entire life. Great way to learn the process and subtle things that wouldn’t cross your mind.



Posted by HipnikDragomir - November 27th, 2017

Hello, here are six things that inspired me these past two weeks. Because I completely shut myself off last week.


1. Concert

I went to a concert to see a band that I met last year, and I had a great time seeing the five bands that played. I even took a few nice photos with a good camera. It's been too long since my last concert, and it really fuels my drive towards the music scene.




My third time attending the show. At least, I only have time/money to get the exhibit pass for a couple hours to check out all of the artists' booths. I saw a few familiar faces and managed to only buy a handful of things this time. I hope to be able to have my own booth one day. I didn't take this photo, but here is the booth of Brigitte Roka. Singer of the afformentioned band.



3. Novembrine Waltz

A "progressive/atmospheric death metal" band from Italy. One of my favourites with their mix of beautiful and aggressive music. Their last album took 9 years to come out in 2015 (I think). A solid influence in my target sound.


4. Mega Man X1

The first in a video game series that I've played since I was a wee thing. I started with the fourth one and made my way forward. Only a few years ago did I finally play the first three. This was the second time I've played through this and it surprisingly holds up as very good. Too bad the next two games get progressively worse to the point of garbage. Great game mechanics, visual designs, and excellent soundtrack that stand the test of time.



5. Ratchet & Clank Gallery

Another longtime video game series of mine. The Gallery Nucleus in... Alhambra (?) held a galery of concept art and props from the commercials, and I was absolutely giddy to go and buy some merchandise, too. I don't have a vinyl player yet, but oh well! Comedic and actiony sci-fi adventures as a staple in my influences.



6. Brigitte Roka

The singer of the band Aboleth (the band I went to see) and also booth-holder at CTNX (where I met her last year). A great example of a multi-skilled artist in the visual and music department. Her visual stuff is mostly watercolour (I think) and it looks phenomenal.



Posted by HipnikDragomir - November 13th, 2017

Yo, here are three things that inspired me artistically this week


1. Dragon Ball Super (again)

As usual, I continue to follow the show every Sunday morning. It becomes a hot, fiery topic every week among its watchers when the show continues breaking rules and logic with how the fighters get stronger than each other, but it's all good entertainment and if I had more time, I'd love to draw them all and make some pretty pictures.



2. Lenarr Young

A fantastic example of a Youtube comedian who, I assume, works mostly by himself. He frequently posts videos of himself acting out shenanigans as multiple characters and often makes fun of hip-hop people or tropes. How one person, like Filthy Frank, can do all this by himself is pretty inspiring. Another thing I wish I could do if I had the time.


3. Source Filmmaker

A free 3D animation program where people use any assets available to them, like models, environments, and the like, and pretty much throw it all together and fiddle around with technical things like lighting to make their own movies or posters. I especially like the user-friendly interface unlike every other 3D software I've used, but you don't have to worry about creating models here, so that's probably why. When I buy my own PC soon, I'll be jumping headfirst into this.



Posted by HipnikDragomir - November 6th, 2017

Here's what inspired me artistically this week:


1. Maverick Rising

A fan-made collection of redone songs from the soundtracks of one of the biggest video game series ever made. The craft of reimagining something while giving it new life in a different direction truly is a skill and, when it works just right, is pure magic. I've attempted it a teeny weeny bit, but I really want to sit down and go at it once I have the time.



2. More Instagram artists

Looking through my "liked" photos on Instagram, besides mostly Internet memes and jokes, I notice how many of the artists are just people like Melmadedooks, omardogan1976, joshcorpuzart, and ... yea. I follow hundreds of artists, but there's definitely a trace of consistency over what I like. Realistic proportions and such, but obviously drawn and having some cartoon features, whether it's colour or the way eyes are drawn, or something minimal like that. Once winter break starts, I'll definitely catch up on personal drawing.



3. Food Wars!

The third season of this cartoon has begun. It's based on a cooking academy of young chefs aspiring to make it big and it's a romp of comedy, drama, and actual education. The show doesn't spare you any details on how dishes are made and why. Really inspirational to get into cooking, especially since I already work as a chef at a Japanese restaurant. Some day I'll try a handful of the recipes myself.




Posted by HipnikDragomir - October 30th, 2017

Hey, here is what I found artistically inspirational this week!


1. My friend's song

I have this ex-coworker, also a friend, who's been making music for a while now, and he asked me to design a cover for one of his songs. I doubt I can share it here, but I will show some ideas I had for it. It's supposed to be a love-type song, 'though it's really just about sex with some crude lyrics that I don't care for. Regardless, it's a pleasant, good vibes tune that I like listening to and laugh at hearing my friend's voice. Music ideas to keep in mind.



2. Soot (artist)

This is an artist whose work I see ocassionally and it's usually Dragon Ball-related. I absolutely love the bright, full colours he uses to depict these characters and it's something to keep note of when I decide to work with markers/colour pencils.



3. Desiigner

This guy is part of the "trap" hip-hop genre that's been around for a while now. It's taken me this long to start listening to the genre because every person I've heard so far has been pretty terrible. I've always liked the music with its more elaborate compositions and vibe, but vocals on a song can make or break it, and most of the genre's rappers absolutely destroy it. I actually like him though and the music supporting him is absolutely lush and dark just how I like it. It's still strange/kinda trashy music, but eeeeehhhhhhhh. Definitely something to take out of it for my own music-making.



Posted by HipnikDragomir - October 23rd, 2017

Hey, here are a few things that I found artistically inspiring (last week). Also, it was my 24th birthday yesterday!

Garageband - During my between-class breaks on campus, I might get on my phone and use this free app to improvise some music, which is what I also do on my laptop. Despite being freeware, the program has become very comprehensive over the years and you’re really only limited by your musical skill.



Oneyplays Animated - One fad that started online (thanks to legendary Internet animator Egoraptor), is taking audio from Let’s Plays (video game commentary videos) and animating them with your own visual interpretation. I’ve made a few of these years ago, and I’ve started watching more of different series. Another great exercise in being creative with interpreting audio to video.


Monster Magnet (again) - There was one day where, at my job, we were able to listen to music due to the managers’ absence, so I decided to put on some more of this band. I haven’t listened to them in a few years, but I was reminded of how much I enjoyed them. Going from their Dopes To Infinity album, they moved towards a more traditional rock sound while retaining quirky lyrics and a bit of the space-y tunes.