Inspiration Blog #8

2017-10-23 12:33:13 by HipnikDragomir

Hey, here are a few things that I found artistically inspiring (last week). Also, it was my 24th birthday yesterday!

Garageband - During my between-class breaks on campus, I might get on my phone and use this free app to improvise some music, which is what I also do on my laptop. Despite being freeware, the program has become very comprehensive over the years and you’re really only limited by your musical skill.



Oneyplays Animated - One fad that started online (thanks to legendary Internet animator Egoraptor), is taking audio from Let’s Plays (video game commentary videos) and animating them with your own visual interpretation. I’ve made a few of these years ago, and I’ve started watching more of different series. Another great exercise in being creative with interpreting audio to video.


Monster Magnet (again) - There was one day where, at my job, we were able to listen to music due to the managers’ absence, so I decided to put on some more of this band. I haven’t listened to them in a few years, but I was reminded of how much I enjoyed them. Going from their Dopes To Infinity album, they moved towards a more traditional rock sound while retaining quirky lyrics and a bit of the space-y tunes.



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