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You went way out of your way with this and it came out fantastic. My favourite things are Lyle's heroic anime design, the doctor from Courage, and that you kept going until that last joke from Zach. Very well done.

Not sure what the joke here is. Convoluted script? Questionable voice acting? The visuals were good except for some uninspired attempts at "funni face", but there really was not point to this. This thing's target is itself.

I usually don't care for cutesy things, but this was the cutest shit I've ever seen.

Tom's a cutie.

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What year is it?

Fantastic job on emulating the classic style, down to the shitty music loop. Thanks for the trip.

Good stuff. I miss playing this bad boy on my mom's phone.

I really enjoyed this. The style is super charming and inviting and the gameplay was involved enough to keep me going. More games with this style would be pretty gangster.

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Yea, I really like this. I can see this as the beginning of a song for a level. At exactly 0:14 is when it should explode into a different section. Something hard-hitting and actiony. Do expand it.

I just heard this in the recent "Newgrounds in 2019" game, and got dam it sounded familiar. Classic NG piece.

Very nice funky jam. I feel like there's too much high-frequency stuff without any warmth, but the composition itself is great, even though I can tell it sounds like an experiment. You dudez would do well to make more electronic rock stuff.

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I miss this one so much

Real quick: I know it's supposed to be kind of cartoony, but the proportions don't work with the more realistic anatomy and detailing. I swear I've seen at least one person that looked like this with some sort of growth impediment and it looks freaky. Her torso's too short and she barely has a neck. Everything else is very nice, though.

It's missing Arin (maybe one or two other randos), but this is well made.

My mom says I'm handsome.

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