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I was expecting a very generic "bad drawing" joke, and although it technically happened, you handled it very well and it came out funny. Great overall style, animation, and audio. Not too sure about the quote repeating.

I think the only thing I would like more from this is adjustments to the colour scheme. It looks like you choose some of the blander default colours whatever program you used gave you, and it's kinda unpleasant to look at once they're going into space. Otherwise, good animation and enjoyable song.

I like the drawings and the voice acting, but there wasn't really any jokes or punchlines or gags or anything.

meatcanyon responds:

Just a silly lil toon. Lil eye candy. Lik ear candy

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I actually liked this. I thought the crass writing was hilarious with the timing and everything. Really should've made it longer. And, y'know, put a logo in the main menu.

StaticSkull responds:

I know, but I got caught in so many other projects, so I cut it short

So proud to be a part of this

I've been a somewhat early attendee of Newgrounds since 2002/2003~ from 3rd grade onwards, and this site has been a large part of my childhood and inspiration as an artist. I regretfully didn't have the time to do much to contribute, but I still did with one of my favourite early series (Kermit Kombat), so I'm satisfied. Thank you for letting me be a part of this historical collab and here's to many more years in this shithole!

Pretty cool

Having been a regular, I understood most but only got the :/ medal cos I forgot some. Eh. Some simple sound effects would help the presentation. The UI is clean and functional enough.

Amaranthus responds:

I'll see what I can do.

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Very nice funky jam. I feel like there's too much high-frequency stuff without any warmth, but the composition itself is great, even though I can tell it sounds like an experiment. You dudez would do well to make more electronic rock stuff.

Pretty good

I don't listen to this type of music, but this is borderline professional. Beautiful voice suits perfectly to both the calm verses and energetic chorus. Standard song structure works fine. One thing I noticed was your voice stands out way too much during the chorus. It's too loud/forward in the mix. Maybe a little reverb would've helped. Anyway, good jorb.

Jacob responds:

And a good jorb on this review!
Yeah, I have a really hard time figuring out how my vocals should sound compared to the music. I felt that the chorus effect helped make it sound less present, and more a part of the music. But, I have a lot to learn!
Thanks for the review. Hopefully I can fix it in future songs. :)

Damn, son

As soon as it "started", I was hit with a sandwich of these two games' flavour. If I listened to them on their own, I'm pretty sure those two names would have popped up in my head. Very funky but also forward-focused. Nice, warm sound and good progressions. Mixing is great for all the main instruments; the strings are a bit iffy along with one other sound. Regardless, well done.

teddygram responds:

Thanks! I actually just used the MIDI instruments on my keyboard. Had I used VSTs, I think I would have picked strings with a stronger attack. Thanks for the thorough review!

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This... this tastes like SPEEDO SAUSAGE

Very nice piece overall, though. Not entirely consistent colours/rendering and the hard line separating the left and right, especially with that strong yellow is a bit jarring. Text needs to stand out more

Real quick, I enjoy the composition and colours, but the flatness of the girls' faces is really bothering me. Like, their features are really pushed back like an old cartoon character that got flattened from a fall. The lighting enforces that, too. Not sure if style or oversight. Also, the watermark at the bottom intrudes too much in a strangely small, but obnoxious way. Besides that, fun piece.

DashXero responds:

Thanks for the feedback!

Look, it's cute and all, but this is not Art Portal material. It's a sketch. A doodle. When you're uploading these, don't check the "not a sketch" box.

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