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Inspiration Blog #13

Posted by HipnikDragomir - December 4th, 2017

Hey, here's what inspired me artistically this week:


1. Yuyu Hakusho - A cartoon that came out in the early/mid-90s. In a similar vein to Dragon Ball Z, it’s full of action and comedy and overall charm. I’ve been rematching it with my roommate little by little, and thankfully she’s really into it, too. Great team chemistry between the main cast, snarky dialogue, and fighting choreography to make for a wholly entertaining show.



2. My animation class/instructor - Since I taught myself, for the most part, how to animate, I really don’t feel like I need instruction since I haven’t actually learned anything in the three traditional animation classes I’ve taken. However, my instructor Brian Kennon has an eagle eye for it and always points things out that I could improve. The case here being better pose-to-pose sequencing to get a better read of what’s going on. I’m more akin to subtle/realistic visuals, but it’s still a fun challenge.



3. Devs Play - A little segment on Youtube from video game developer Tim Curry, where he basically interviews other developers while they play games they’ve made in the past. I really enjoy these interviews where the people behind older games discuss what they went through to make them. Especially companies whose games I grew up with and have been following my entire life. Great way to learn the process and subtle things that wouldn’t cross your mind.



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I am scared and need your help not cops only yours !


@HipnikDragomir So last night after writing some reviews sfor newgrounds I went to go smokke a ciggerate on my back porch and it was 11 pm or 12 pm at midnight well half way through my ciggerate after hearing some rustling in my neighbors yard i felt like a pair a twisers pinched my finger tip on the middle of the inde and i heard this crazy bizare laugh right after i looked down at the small looking paper cut on my finger tip that serously just got there that secound as im mouthing the words "what the hell is going on?" cause i got a splinter on my other index finger when i was doing yard work any ways as soon as i mouthed those words a crazy bizzare laugh came from my neighbors yard where i heard some one walking around as soon i as look up to look for some one it sounded like a clown laugh honestly but no one was there or i just could not see them but i finished my cigg as fast as i can and nearly ran inside feeling the emotion of fear and i grew up watching horror movies making neighborhood watch clubs which means i dont get scared that easy but it was so weird.... idk what do you think it is?

@HipnikDragomir awe man i just remembered i have to walk 6 blocks down to pick up for my "medicine herb" and i gotta walk past that neighbors house twice then when the sun goes down cause my guy dont get off work till 6 pm and i ussually only can pick up at 8 pm :/ fuck me ... i honestly feel worried just thinking about a simple walk i make twice a wekk

I heard rumours that clowns hate mimes. Like, they're arch nemeses or something to that effect. Get yourself a mime or mime make-up and hold down.