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HipnikDragomir's News

Posted by HipnikDragomir - October 16th, 2017

Hey, here's what inspired me artistically this week!


1. Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball has been a global phenomenon for a long time - since its inception in the mid-80s in Japan. After almost two decades, a brand new series starts and we're 110 episodes deep now. It's been pretty good so far with its golden moments once in a while, with another one that I watched earlier this week. Even when it's brand new characters involved, it still manages to grip you and it's a very fun ride, nonetheless. Specifically for me, I could say that the series is one of the reasons I got into art as a kid.



2. OneyPlays

The main person behind this Youtube channel goes by the name "Oney" and he's (was) a leading animator in the onilne animation explosion that happened last decade (on this site!). He's quite a bit of a comedian and his antics frequently involve improvising, so I've taken it on myself to practise more of that while at work and it's really paying off - the skill of improvising on the fly and also being funny at the same time.



3. Taking photos

I do like photography as a hobby - snapping flowers while out on walks and other similar things. Actually using a professional camera, though, is pretty nice, along with shooting in the studio.




Posted by HipnikDragomir - October 9th, 2017

Hey, here are three things that inspired me artistically this week.


1. Gorillaz

My best friend introduced me to this band in 2004~~, and a few days ago the planets aligned and we were finally able to go see them live. Amazing show from a musician/artist duo that shook up the music industry by doing things their way. One of my main inspirations in the music field. I didn't take this picture, but this captures it perfectly:




2. Inktober (again)

I only managed a few drawings so far due to being busy, but it's a great way for me to keep drawing new things and try to consistenly be funny with each one.




3. Instagram artists

In general, Instagram is a great way to look at other artists' work, and I've somehow amassed several hundred people on my watch list because of how much I like their styles. Interestingly enough, if you look at them all, you can get a general picture of what I like in that it mostly hovers around one particular style. For the most part.




Posted by HipnikDragomir - October 1st, 2017

Here's what inspired me artistically this week!


1. Inktober


An annual event that has most prominence on Instagram. Artists are given a prompt every day of October and are tasked with drawing something out and inking it. A good way to test your artistic skills in consistency, ink usage, etc. Hopefully I stick to it this time c:


2. Newgrounds


Yaaaay, this site. I was invited to contribute to another collab about Magic: The Gathering and I have almost finished two cartoons, one of which is a different collab (NG 10th Sketch Collab). This place keeps me artistically and creatively productive.


3. Monster Magnet



No, not the toy. The band has a cult following for its wacky, psychadelic music from the 90s onwards, though that element has subsided over time. Something to add to my palette and to inspire me on whatever artistic endeavours I try that break boundaries. And hopefully one song that I'll try to record a cover of. Or two.

Posted by HipnikDragomir - September 25th, 2017

Here's what inspired me artistically this week!


1. Blender - I've been recently interested in dabbling in 3D animation since I've taken a class on it last semester. I have a student copy of Maya (the industry standard), but I'm also trying Blender which is free. Might as well see where it goes, eh.




2. Amorphis - One of my favourite bands, hailing from from Finland, that specialise in changing their sound constantly. This particular album is their least well recieved, but only because they played in familiar territory. My own artistic career will reflect the band's influence as I try a wide variety of things and turn a blind eye to people complaining I'm not feeding them the same thing over and over again.



3. BROCKHAMPTON - A new hip-hop group that's been making the waves with their strange, quirky sound and approach to things. It's full of explicit language, but all these youngsters have such cohesion together despite (appearance-wise) looking like they belong to opposite ends of the musical spectrum. It all just works, and the video has this ugly filter that gives these hideous colours to the image that... just totally fit.



Posted by HipnikDragomir - September 18th, 2017

Here are a few things that have inspired me artistically this week!


1. Kalmah - This was actually today, but I listened to this one particular album again for the first time in a little while, and this song is an absolute gem. It has a very strong sense of power, energy, and even imagery if you let it take you away.



2. Katatonia - LFDGD B-sides - The "side songs" from a particular album recording session. I've been listening to them again and suddenly it all clicked. I didn't think they were that special the first time I heard them. This song in particular is magnificent and I hope I can record a definitive version of it some day and iron out anything that isn't on par with the best moments.



3. IT (2017 Reboot) - This particular video has nothing to do with it, but I went to see the reboot and loved it. I'm not a horror person, so the only reason I saw it was because I like Stephen King and know what a mastermind he is (even though this is a different interpetation by the filmmakers). This might be the final push for me to try to attempt something horror-based in my own work some day. The best thing might be that the "fears" of the clown were changed from cliche 50s things to actual fears children would have, like twisted paintings of people and abuse at home. Genius.



Posted by HipnikDragomir - September 11th, 2017

Here are a few things that inpired me artistically this week:


1. Katatonia - This band is a stellar example of progressive musicians who take care to craft their unique sound and change over the years. Truly inspirational stuff for my own music down the road.


2. My new character - During one lunch break at work, this random character idea popped into my head and I drew what was swirling around in there. I can say that it’s terribly unoriginal, but still looks pretty neat and similar to a previous character I designed (bottom left), so I might tie them together at some point.



3. Mass Effect - Science-fiction might be my second-favourite genre behind comedy due to its limitless possibilities and creativity. This video game series is a great example of it along with strong storytelling and, revisiting it after a few years, it still holds up.



4. The Shooting Stars cartoon - A cartoon short made by some random people online (and posted here on Newgrounds). The only reason I bring it up is because of how hilarious it is and that it’s a bar that I’d like to reach with my own comedy. Solid, nonstop flow of quality jokes performed well.


Posted by HipnikDragomir - September 3rd, 2017

Here are some things that inspired me artistically this week:


1. Udon noodles


I work at a Japanese restaurant and it's helped me try out more foods, so I've been looking into ingredients and such for my grocery run next week. Start off simple then gradually experiment.


2. Concert



I went to a "secret" show organised by So Far Sounds and it was a gathering of a few bands that literally played in the middle of a clothes store. We sat on a big carpet right there. The first group (pictured) is Company of Thieves and I've been following them since their first album in 2009. Wonderful display of musical prowess from all three groups in this intimate, raw show.


3. Kendrick Lamar's Section.80 album


I've been slowly getting into hippity-hop with by very picky nature, and this is an album I got not too long ago. The more creative, thought-provoking side of the genre that's also good work music with its relaxed vibe.


4. The Sci-fi and Fantasy Literature Club



A club that I'm a part of that. Despite the name, it covers movies, video games, and anything else that fits under the genres. It's a great way to make friends and learn of more works that'd interest you.

Posted by HipnikDragomir - July 27th, 2017

Damn, son, I finally finished it! I told ya I'd do it!

Enjoy: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/697030


Youtube if you're a twat: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=Pcj1huGKx6k

Posted by HipnikDragomir - June 21st, 2017

You guys, I swear I'm working. It's been a month (at least) since school's been out and I finally started putting more effort into that one Dragon Ball Super cartoon I started when I finished the last one. At the same time, I also made a Pokemon cartoon as part of a collab to celebrate anniversaries and releases. ... I'm kinda holding on to it until the rest of the group scrambles together. If we decide to give it another month AND YOU'D LIKE TO JOIN THE POKEMON COLLAB, post a comment here and I'll let you know what happens asap.

But, yea, I swear to frickin' dickin' heck I'll at least finish the DBS and Pokemon cartoons during the summer. I've also got storyboards for several new cartoons and working on several video games ideas. Ugh. Gotta get moneyz and get out of my shitty part-time job.

lub you


Posted by HipnikDragomir - April 8th, 2017

Hello again, Newgrounds.


I made a little video here talking about my situation with cartoons. My schedule's busy, but I'm putting effort between the cracks to finish my stuff. Two cartoons on the way that should be done within two months. It's a Youtube video because it's just a little update.