Guh, with this cartoon

2017-06-21 19:43:35 by HipnikDragomir

You guys, I swear I'm working. It's been a month (at least) since school's been out and I finally started putting more effort into that one Dragon Ball Super cartoon I started when I finished the last one. At the same time, I also made a Pokemon cartoon as part of a collab to celebrate anniversaries and releases. ... I'm kinda holding on to it until the rest of the group scrambles together. If we decide to give it another month AND YOU'D LIKE TO JOIN THE POKEMON COLLAB, post a comment here and I'll let you know what happens asap.

But, yea, I swear to frickin' dickin' heck I'll at least finish the DBS and Pokemon cartoons during the summer. I've also got storyboards for several new cartoons and working on several video games ideas. Ugh. Gotta get moneyz and get out of my shitty part-time job.

lub you



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