Inspiration Blog #4

2017-09-25 02:36:05 by HipnikDragomir

Here's what inspired me artistically this week!


1. Blender - I've been recently interested in dabbling in 3D animation since I've taken a class on it last semester. I have a student copy of Maya (the industry standard), but I'm also trying Blender which is free. Might as well see where it goes, eh.




2. Amorphis - One of my favourite bands, hailing from from Finland, that specialise in changing their sound constantly. This particular album is their least well recieved, but only because they played in familiar territory. My own artistic career will reflect the band's influence as I try a wide variety of things and turn a blind eye to people complaining I'm not feeding them the same thing over and over again.



3. BROCKHAMPTON - A new hip-hop group that's been making the waves with their strange, quirky sound and approach to things. It's full of explicit language, but all these youngsters have such cohesion together despite (appearance-wise) looking like they belong to opposite ends of the musical spectrum. It all just works, and the video has this ugly filter that gives these hideous colours to the image that... just totally fit.




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