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HipnikDragomir's News

Posted by HipnikDragomir - December 31st, 2016

Here's my obligatory final day wrap-up.


In terms of Newgrounds, specifically, it's been well and productive. Kind of. When I actually look at what I uploaded, it's been random little cartoons meant as a distraction from the bigger ones. Some are NG Jam toons, one of which still needs to be finished. One was a team effort for another competition and one is a personal tragedy. Over in the art department, I've uploaded some school work and portraits of cousins and Zoolander. Hm. Not my ideal level of output, but definitely my best year on here so far. I'm almost done with another cartoon, and I plan on doing even more next year with toons, paintings, and if I have time, maybe even games since I'm getting stocked on software.


Oh, yea, and my front-paged cartoon. I've been coming here since 2002/3~, and I've wanted a FP cartoon ever since. Got 'em.


I luh u, Newgrounds. Shape up, darling, it's going to be a good year.



Posted by HipnikDragomir - July 12th, 2016

My brethren and sisteren, I finally did it you fartknockers!

It's been a goal to get Front Page on here for more than a decade, and it finally happened!



I am just ecstatic and ready to make even better stuff. Already cooking up the next Jam cartoon and plenty more in progress.


Go watch it, ya bum. You see it. c;

Posted by HipnikDragomir - July 3rd, 2016

That's right, bitch! You - yes, you - can pick up that bamboozle tablet and Adobe's Animate and make some stylin', sizzlin', overall not too shabby cartoons. Like me. Your god.


Check it here on Newgrounds:




And on the Youtoobs:



Posted by HipnikDragomir - June 22nd, 2016

Yea yea yea yea yea




I'm priding myself in that it'll be nothing but colour. Cool stuff, ya bish. Ha haaaaaa



Posted by HipnikDragomir - February 21st, 2016

So I started this cartoon last year in response to something happening to me personally, and when it seemed like it was resolved, I simply put it aside. Well, I'm back at it now due to similar issues, so I went ahead and finished it.

Here it is on Newgrounds:



Here it is on Youtube:


Posted by HipnikDragomir - February 8th, 2016

When I say "parody", I mean stupid faces and dumb noises hurr hurr comedy.

I feel bad for spamming the news section with this dribble, but I gotta get my mixtape out there, mayne.

Here it is on the NG:



Here it is on the Youtube:




Fuck off

Posted by HipnikDragomir - January 28th, 2016

Just a dumb little thing to get my jollies out. Also more animating. Still working on a Game Grumps Animated, but it's so damn tedious that it's putting us off. This'll definitely be out soon. Cheers.



Posted by HipnikDragomir - November 27th, 2015

Get ova deah and watch this stunning display of erotic excellence!


I only managed to contribute this:


I lub you New Ground




Also, I just made this promotional video on Youtube to get suckas over here to look at it:


Posted by HipnikDragomir - August 15th, 2015

Oh, my.

I hate to destroy my first Front Page post (using this new feature) with such a turd of a cartoon, but it's content, regardless. Sorry, Tom.

Here's my latest finished cartoon. I started it years ago and finally came back to finish it. Additional voice acting by Devadams. It's stupid, but whatever.

Newgrounds version: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/662075

Youtube version:

Edit: Also, happy Clock Day

Edit Edit: News post #69 lol

Edit Edit Edit: Is this still on the front page since I edited it? Was it even in the first place? I dunno.

Posted by HipnikDragomir - August 3rd, 2015

Pooped out a new cartoon last week in a couple days because I was in a bad place. So much drama.


Here it is on Newgrounds:



Here it is on Youtube: