New song and progress

2013-05-12 15:37:26 by HipnikDragomir

Finally made a song of my own right here. It's piano for my Music Theory 2 class. Was a bitch making it due to restrictions, but whatever. Give it a listen.

I haven't worked on that Hellsing cartoon in a while, but I have made much progress on it. Animation-wise, almost half-way or something.

I also finally started making another drawing of FFXIII's Lightning again. This time I'll make sure to make it look like her.

As always, because I'm such a whore, it'd be swell if you could subscribe to my Youtubez qui. Same stuff as here and some more shenanigans.


New song and progress


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2013-05-12 16:23:55

Not bad.

HipnikDragomir responds:

Thanks, breh


2013-05-16 20:30:41


HipnikDragomir responds: