Hellsing Pizza and more

2013-04-20 13:49:20 by HipnikDragomir

I came up with numerous ideas for movies since my last one, but I finally managed to sit on one that I feel inspired to do. It's based on this comic strip I made a couple of years ago. Completely random. I don't even know I how came up with this shit. Anyways, I'll take my time and make some changes here and there for the betterment of the animation. My Limbo list is infinitely growing :(

In the art department, after screwing around long enough, I stumbled upon an image of Lightning that I printed and wanted to draw. I already attempted one picture that ended up quite bad, but I'll try real hard this time, ya dig?

I'm also waiting for CrazyRock to hurry up and upload that Apocalypse Collab we made months ago. Send him a death threat or something to hurry up.

It'd be super swell if you could subscribe to my Youtube account over here ----> http://www.youtube.com/user/hipnikdragomir
It's basically the same stuff here but with some other videos of myself. Cheers.

EDIT: holy shit I lost a fan D:

Hellsing Pizza and more


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