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HipnikDragomir's News

Posted by HipnikDragomir - December 14th, 2012

Some people here really need to get their Sarcasm Detector checked. Of all places.

Anyway, working on more shizz. Here is a preview of my bit for the Christmas collab. I'll get back to the other things after I finish this.

Also, I really wish people would stop moping about shit like that Connecticut (or wherever) shooting that happen literally every other week. Shit happens. Praying or thinking about them or moments of silence don't do fucking shit. You people are fucking pansies.

Enjoy a day of me not harassing you on the BBS.

Banned again

Posted by HipnikDragomir - November 24th, 2012

Here are some more news for the hell of it. I cleaned up and organised my files, so now I can focus more on my projects.

-that Mass Effect parody medley that I'll get done eventually

-the apocalypse collab thing that's complicated but will get done

-the Playstation All-Stars collab that I'll be finishing up soon

-the Christmas collab of which I have yet to come up with anything

-a few renditions of that concert I went to involving the hip young group, Ashentide. Nothing fancy, just some funny moments

-an AMV for another group, Red Sky. Or was it Ammonal? Regardless, they're the same people.

Most of these will be done within a month, so it'll be a lot of work. Pray to your robot god for me.

Also, in honour of Razz's temporary departure:

Work work work

Posted by HipnikDragomir - November 2nd, 2012

A crazy motherfucker named Yardood and I collaborated to make a little video on the Youtubes. It's a gameplay vid, but fuck you. He made the song to go with it. Read more on the vid's description.

I'm working on a few collabs at the moment. Passively, but still on them.

Ehhhh I think that's it.

Posted by HipnikDragomir - September 30th, 2012



Posted by HipnikDragomir - September 25th, 2012

I took a couple hours or so to draw Lightning from the back of the Final Fantasy XIII case.

I managed to turn her from Japanese to white.

It was an accident, of course. I'm lousy at accuracy and proportion. It looked fine until I decided to fix her right (our left) eye. I started erasing a bunch of spots and really let loose on my tools. FUCK THIS.


Posted by HipnikDragomir - August 12th, 2012

Yes, main man Bane has been drawn. It took me a few days on-and-off, but here it is. It started as a basic sketch, but I soon got obsessed with it, so it's rough. Whatever. Oh, and I'm not including in the Art Portal because it's a sketch. People need to learn that.

Still "working" on the other projects. One of these days, they'll pop up.


I drew Bane

Posted by HipnikDragomir - July 21st, 2012

...my next animation is. Do it. I'll let your sister have sex with me if you guess right.

I've got a couple other Photoshop drawing projects that are on hold due to my new PS3. I also have a thing I did for my drawing class that I'll post on Monday or Tuesday.

Guess what...

Posted by HipnikDragomir - July 3rd, 2012

Check out the line-art for a new turd I'm working on. This is more of an experiment and getting to know Photoshop. We started off on the wrong foot, so I want to make it up to her and get to know her. She's a stuck-up bitch, but don't tell her I said that. She'll kill me. Then you.

I'll be colouring it and trying to make a pretty background so it'll look acceptable for the portal. I really hope I can make it work. I hate that stupid program.

I've also got plenty of other hings to work on, but dammit, I'm too lazy. Help a guy out, yeh?

Oh, and check out my friend and I's Youtube channel. We do video game commentary and a few other things.


Posted by HipnikDragomir - June 11th, 2012

I am officially a poor college student. Actually, I looked at that thread about which ramen noodle brand is best and it made me really hungry, so I went and bought this for only $2.69! Oh, yea! Then I made one and fucking drunk a shitload of broth. I'll be pissing all night. It was good, though. Next time, I may add something to it. Get some today!

The Transformation is Complete

Posted by HipnikDragomir - May 29th, 2012

I'm surprised it took this long, but I finally got banned from the forum. Yea, I did do a bad thing, but why now? I've done a lot of "bad things" before and totes got away with it; I can be quite an asshole/mishief-maker on the BBS. Ah, well, at least it's just for a day. I have important things I need to be doing anyway. See you all tomorrow. Sorry Coop.

I Got Banned!